About (English)

Humlegården provides housing and daily activities for young adults with both autism and mental retardation. Our goal is a happy, active and meaningful existence where each person has a chance to develop according to his/her capacity. We eliminate the most profound difficulties that come with the disability. Thereby, we allow each individual to participate with curiosity and joy in activities that promote development and happiness. We create a peaceful and pleasant life situation with a stable group of personnel. Our daily activities include outdoor activities, sport and domestic training. Each activity is broken down into small steps that can be taught one at a time to eventually build a high degree of independence in the larger task.

Stable group of personnel

Our activities are directed towards individuals with a severe disability who struggle all the time to try to understand the world around them and what they are supposed to do. The most important aspect of their life is therefore a stable group of personnel. We achieve this by creating working conditions governed by “freedom under responsible”. We can proudly announce that since the start of our activities fall 2005, none of our permanent staff has decided to resign.

Swimming, music and communication

Daily activities

Outdoor activities and sports: Hiking, biking, swimming, horse-back riding, rowing, roller baldes, skating, cross-country skiing, down-hill skiing, gym training.

Daily life activities: Dressing, hygiene, laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping, washing up, recycling, pellets handling.

Work-related training: Car wash, forest cleaning

Communication: Music, verbal training, story creation

Community training: Library, bus, train, etc.

Shopping, roller blades, cooking and rowing


We use simplifying pedagogics / TEACCH. Schedules and instructions are adapted to each individual and utilize objects, pictogram pictures, photos and/or text. In each case is used a symbol that the person can easily understand. Schedules and instructions are never a goal in themselves but are meant to simplify by clearly indicating to the individual what he/she is supposed to do or what comes next. A person with autism may need a very large number of closely similar training sessions to learn a task. Therefore, we put special emphasis also on the instructions to the personnel. These instructions lay out clearly which preparations are needed, what the personnel does, which symbols are used, and what the individual is supposed to do. Thereby, each task can be practiced over and over again in the same manner no matter who is on duty at the moment.

Here we are

Humlegården is situated in Södra Sandby east of Lund. The daily activities are operated by the non-profit organization Lupus, which at present rents the houses used for the activities.

Make a donation

The daily activities are to large extent financed by the communes from which our individuals come. In addition, Lupus accepts with gratitude donations of all sizes from individuals, foundations and companies. These gifts will be used for two purposes. One part will be used to cover the costs related to our activities. Another part will be used towards our long-term goal which is to make it possible for Lupus, through donations and interest-free loans, to buy the houses, thereby creating a stable economy for the future.

Do you want to contribute? Bankgiro 5452-2792 (Föreningen Lupus). Both anonymous and non-anonymous donations are welcome.